You will have no doubt been aware of the begging bowl the millionaire Adam Lackman has been passing round to “fund” his legal case. He has taken to whoring himself to any YouTuber willing to promote him. The likes of Soloscam ( this parasite famously scammed over $10,000 by claiming he was a victim of Hurricane Irma – Smash covered this here You have to be so desperate and without any kind of morality to even be subscribed to Soloscam, let alone appear on his show. This will give you a measure fo Adam Lackman / Eleazar Coding / TV Addons and his unethical means of promotion.   Is this Release Hub hijack a virus?  Lets read the Wikipedia definition –
A computer virus is a type of malicious software program (“malware”) that, when executed, replicates itself by modifying other computer programs and inserting its own code. When this replication succeeds, the affected areas are then said to be “infected” with a computer virus.
I think taking over a previously abandoned repo, adding and modifying code to install other “unrequested addons and repos without permission” constitutes, “repicates itself by modifying other computer programs” – TV Addons are pushing virus infections to your Kodi installs. No question.

Previous Repo Hijacks

Adam Lackman (TV Addons) has previously hijacked both the SALTS and Exodus repos to force install Indigo and the TV Addons repo. We covered this in a previous articles which you can read here – Exodus Repo hijack – , along with all the proof of coding and the use of the Kodil repo to push the Exodus installs. This is installing software to your devices in the millions without your permission, that you haven’t requested.

TV Addons Hijack

The news of this hijack was spreading on Twitter yesterday and I took the time further investigate this earlier today. I jumped on to github and yes, i can confirm and provide proof that TV Addons, Adam Lackman has resorted (again!) to force installing Kodibae, the cover repo for the 3rd Party add-ons providing access to “copyright infringing” sources.     Alongside the forced install of TV Addons Kodibae repo, the TV Addons popup spamware, Indigo is also force installed. Heres the code showing the dependencies;     You can verify this yourselves by clicking through to github More Github XML proof here too;  

TV Addons Court Case

This is fresh on the back of confirmation that Adam grassed on several developers of “his beloved community” – even the judge in the hearing confirmed this, also confirming that he need not have given them any information at all. He chose to betray fellow devs in the community after all, if he was getting “heat” why shouldnt everyone else?   Whilst Adam didnt provdie info on the “majority” – he therefore opted to grass on a few chosen developers, we know who they were as they received generic writs from  MPAA shortly afterwards, JSergio, Ares, Echo, Alpha and others.   The court case also confirms Adam Lackamn was involved in IKS sales previously, where he also gave up all his distributors of equipment and lines. However the hatred shown by TVA for box sellers, is laughable as the judge confirms TVA were involved in selling “jailbroken” Apple TV boxes. Typical Lackman to be honest.     So, the choice is yours if you want to continue to support this guy and use his addons and condone all the things he has done, betraying the community and force installing software to millions of users. For me, there is only one option, to remove anything connected to TV Addons and Adam Lackman, his only interest is his money making schemes. Your call.