UFC: Ultimate Fighting Championship

The goal of this article is to inform you about news and upcoming bouts in UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).  This article will be updated regularly to inform you of cards, matches, and events happening so make sure to bookmark so you keep up to date.  We will also take a brief look at the history about UFC.  So before we get too far into it, let’s start with the history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The UFC was originally a partnership between Art Davie, an advertising executive, and Rorion Gracie, a noted Master of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Their goal was to stage a tournament featuring fighters from different disciplines of martial arts to compete and determine who truly was the best.  Starting out these bouts had little-to-no rules in order to draw in a crowd for the pay-per-view events.  Seeing low blows, hair pulling, head butts, and other cheap parlor tricks were not uncommon in the beginning.  As you could only image, this often resulted in brutal and bloody matches.

Time for a Change

The no-holds-barred image eventually caught up to them and the UFC found itself faced with pressure from politicians such as John McCain.  His objections to this sport were so strong he was once quoted as calling the UFC “human cockfighting”.  In January 2001, Zuffa LLC. purchased the UFC spearheaded by Frank and Lorenzo Fertita and promoter Dana White.  Dana White holds the position of acting President of the UFC and has become the face of the sport as we know it today. Shortly after the new team were in place they found a way to resume the pay-per-view specials for the UFC.  As a result, the Ultimate Fighting Championship has successfully grown into the Sport Giant we all recognize today.  The UFC can be routinely viewed on North American television, and their pay-per-views are available to virtually anyone willing to pay for the event. For those of you that prefer to purchase their own PPV  ticket, click here for the ufc website.

Results of Most Recent UFC/MMA Event




2018 UFC/MMA Event Schedule

Due to the unpredictability of schedules and declared fight card, the following listings may not be as advertised on the day of each match.  However, we will do our best to keep you updated as often as possible.


May/June 2018 UFC/MMA Event Schedule

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UFC Weight Category Rankings

Pound For Pound (new)


Heavyweight & Lightweight Division

All Division Rankings are Official as of April 22/18.



Middleweight & Welterweight Division


Lightweight & Featherweight Division


Bantamweight & Flyweight Division


Women’s Featherweight & Bantamweight Division


Women’s Flyweight & Strawweight Division



As each new event is published in advance, I’ll have them posted here as soon as possible. In addition there will be an follow up after each event showing who won, how and in what round for those that are interested. This is a new and different idea that I hope will grow. Don’t forget to stop by the Streaming World Forum for more information on many more topics.

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