Over the past year or so we have seen many people struggling with add-ons due to API issue.  API deals with allowing information to pass between programs or applications stands for Application Programming Interface.  For our example we are going to look at how API is used between Kodi & YouTube and understand why you are getting those pesky messages like “YouTube daily limit exceeded”.  Before we get into how it all works let’s understand what has taken place to create these issues. api

What is API?

API or Application Programming Interface is a resource or tool aiding in connecting different programs and sharing information between them.  So what does that mean in English?  Look at an API as a tour guide in a foreign city and they are here to connect you (Kodi Add-on) to the wonders of the terrain (TMDB for instance).  What happens when there are too many people on the tour?  Things get out of hand and it is difficult to see or hear what’s going on.  In a weird roundabout way this is what happens with API keys too. The majority of websites or applications you use today do have API running to help with the data exchange.  For instance, Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, Best Buy, and Uber are just some of the major companies using API to assist in their business.

Why are we seeing API Issues?

The YouTube “exceeded daily limits” error is directly related to the restrictions put on the preset keys.  Google, who owns YouTube has limited the amount of data that is able to transmit on one API key.  The increase in users inside Kodi and the taxing this puts on the preset API’s have caused havoc for add-ons.  Elysium is an example of an add-on where creating your own Key through TMDB has improved search functionality.

What can we do  to fix this?

If you have not done so already, please feel free to click here to learn how to create your own Key and improve your search ability on Elysium.  This will fix all of your problems with regards to Elysium and I promise you’ll be back to streaming in no time. When dealing with Youtube we have come up with a great tool in our Ares Wizard.  You will see a screenshot below of the tweaks screen in Ares Wizard.  This will allow you to change the API in your YouTube add-on and this will stop the pesky “daily limit” error. API Manager Once you go into Ares Wizard scroll over to the Tweaks Tab and then scroll down to API Manager.  You will be prompted to get a build pin and you can use any of the three standard methods to get a pin.  Once you enter the Manager you will see the screen above and it will allow you to chose either Trakt or YouTube.  Select the add-on you want to tweak and then you will be met with the screen below. Change API Click on Change and you will have your Key changed and your problems should be over and YouTube streaming will work again.

In Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed this article on Application Protocol Interface.  Also hope you learned a little about why you are running into the limit issues and how it works.  This is just the tip of what is involved with API keys and how they work.  We thought it might help you understand what is occurring so you can work to fix with and enjoy yourself. As always if you have any questions or need support please visit us at http://ares-project.uk.  Our Admin Team is standing by to assist you.  Please remember it is easier to support you in the Ares Forum than through the comments section of the blog.