Deleting URL’s from File Manager

We have all used the File Manager in Kodi to install different URL’s for various links to Repositories or Add-ons.  Links become redundant for a number or reasons; however, the most common reason is abandonment by the developer.  A perfect example is the TVA Fusion link, it became invalid and the link will no longer connect.

Why remove the url links ?

Keeping these URL links installed in File Manager is harmless, but keeping the file manager uncluttered is never a bad habit.  Some of you may have typed the wrong url address by mistake.  Instead of removing it right away, you just re-type the correct url address.  I know how easy that is having done that myself on occasion.  As a result, you have many duplicate sources in your File Manager section.

The removal method is exactly the same for Jarvis & Krypton.  Yet, I have combined photo examples for both just so you can follow along.  While I was looking for a good repo to pick I stumbled across the SuperRepo url and chose this as an example.  Partly this is because we think you should definitely remove this source from your system.  SuperRepo collects zip files and puts them into their own repo.  As a result many are either dead add-ons, out of date add-ons, or missing dependencies causing these add-ons to not run properly.


file manager

  • To access File Manager in Jarvis 16.1, highlight System.
  • Click on “File Manager” (A) as shown in the Jarvis photo above.
  • To access File Manager in Krypton, Click on the “Cog”icon (B).
  • Then select File Manager (C) in the next screen that appears as shown in the lower Photo named Krypton.

file manager

Locate the URL file source you wish to remove from the Left Side or A Root.  As you can see, both Jarvis and Krypton are exactly the same.  Why not use the right side, are they not both the same?  Root A is where you can add files, urls, etc and is your kodi set-up. Root B is the general set-up of the system kodi is on.  Any and all changes that need to be done should always occur in Root A.


file manager

  • With the Cursor hovering over the selected source (SuperRepo), Right click on the Mouse.  Hit C on keyboard.  Or use the button on the Remote with 3 Lines to access the Context menu.
  • Then select “Remove source” as shown above for Jarvis and Krypton.


file manager

The Default Safety Feature will ask “Are you sure?”

Select YES as shown above for both versions of Kodi to remove. To prevent any “accidents” always double check that this is the correct url link you wish to remove. The Default Safety Feature has no idea what link you wish to remove, only the one you have selected. It is always best to be careful, not sorry.

file manager

Congratulations ! You have now successfully removed an old non functioning url link from File Manager.  At this point you may exit back to the main screen.  If you wish to enter a new url link now would be a good time to do so.

In Conclusion

Repositories and Add-ons change all the time and keeping up to date can be a challenge.  A quick and easy method to check if the url link you have is still valid would be to enter it in a browser.  If the link connects you will be able to see the date and time it was last updated.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.  The intent of these Blogs is to inform and educate those who are new to Kodiland.  If you are a Seasoned “Veteran” or a Beginner to Kodi, it is always beneficial to learn something new.  From a Member in the Ares Project Forum, MagicC “Thank you for that great and easy to understand explanation. I did not even know about the remove source window.  Sometimes my fat fingers made a typo, hit enter the URL was wrong.  I just left it there.  Now I got the fix.”

Feel free to join us in the Streaming World Forum for more information. While we would love to help you in the comments section; it gets very difficult so pop over to the Forum and we will be glad to help.  To read more informative Blogs on a wide variety of issues, please use this link :