You will no doubt be aware that since the update, Firestarter was disabled (I hope to have a patched version shortly) and Amazon now show Kodi in the recent options (though strangely this worked on my FireTV box but NOT the Firestick – updates to follow.

Its also not gone unnoticed that for some “strange” reason you cant click the download options if you browse to the Kodi downloads page – I mean really? There is no doubt the Amazon are engaged in “active disruption” to users trying to load Kodi. This post will show you how to get around this and save links for later use should you need it.

Install ES File Explorer First

We still do this with ES File Explorer (ESFE), just using a different method, if you already have ESFE installed skip to the “Installing Kodi” section. I stongly recommend you get the FireTV app on your phone to make entering the info easier, The mouse function will also make it easier to navigate in ESFE which is ugly with the standard controller.

Set the Developer Options

Scroll down to settings – then along to System, click

firetv system settings

  • Click Developer Options

firetv developer options

Now set the options as shown,

ADB debugging and Apps from Unknown sources ON

adb debugging and apps from unkown developers on firetv

This will allow us to install Kodi later without having to jump back and set this anyway. Ok, next we need ESFE.

Install ES File Explorer

This is really simple – you will find this in the Apps section – top free, scroll to the right and it will be there. Its listed as the 8th app here… although i can’t guarantee this on yours – but it WILL be there, somewhere in the top FREE apps area.

esfe on firetv

You deregistered? No account? – No problem – make and account online (its important to do this in a browser, use this link to create a fake id, complete with email address and credit card – (and no, its not real, but it will get you the free apps that amazon block without an account). Its worth noting that the email address can be activated and used.

This is the URL –

firetv fake name/account generator

Installing Kodi

OK we would normally use the mysearch option in ESFE, search for Kodi downloads and look for the arm link – but you will have noticed this has stopped working – more work by Amazon to try and stop you using Kodi! – however, we have a way round this. We are going to use links to directly access the Kodi apk files and neatly sidestep Amazon blocking tactics. Let me show you how to do this…

Scroll down to bookmarks and navigate to the “+ New” option ( i have marked this in the image below and also in true “Blue Peter” style, marked the one i made earlier.

This will pop up a new window thus;

The links are now blocked by Amazon too – they are actually blocking the Kodi url itself so Will Hoffman has created a page where he is hosting the zips;

Enter the link version of your choice and click OK. You will see the screen below (minus the options in the lower left corner) navigate to the three dots “more” option and click to reveal the options you can see in the image below – I have highlighted the “add to favourite” so you can save this for future reference, then click “open in browser”   Once you select the open in browser option you will be greeted with this screen – select ES Downloader – ALWAYS option. As soon as you click ALWAYS – the download will begin – no messing about clicking arm 300 times! When the download completes, you can simply click the “Open file ” option to install Kodi. Thats it – Kodi is installed! If you saved the bookmark – if things FUBAR you can always wipe Kodi and put it back on easily.