Priority Number Settings

It has been suggested that Setting the Priority Number lower in than in Real Debrid will produce more links when searching for Media Files. What is a Priority Number and Where do I set it ?

What is a Priority Number

Setting the priority lower than the default of 100 means URL Resolver /Resolve URL will attempt to resolve the link using Real Debrid first, and fall back to the original hoster if it fails (i.e. Openload,etc). What number used is not important as long as it is set lower than 100. The number 90 was selected arbitrarily, 50 could have been used. Most noteworthy is understanding that not using a lower number than the default, it will be a toss-up which resolver URL Resolver / Resolve URL tries first. 1080p

  priority   So because I just can’t leave anything without finding out for myself, I decide to conduct an experiment.
  • Krypton 17.6 (with no build)
  • Placenta was the add-on used.
  • The Shape of Water was the Media File used.
As a result of setting priority setting @ 1 , as has been suggested elsewhere, and keeping Real Debrid @ 90. The above photo confirms the results. Two (2) links from Premiumize and the remainder were Real Debrid of 1080p Links. 720p

  priority   In addition, on the same search, here are the 720p links found with the same settings.          


  priority   Since it is easier to show you a side by side comparison, the above photo indicates the 1080p Links on the left and 720p on the right. Priority settings were reversed, Real Debrid was set @ 1 and was set to 90. As a result, the same number of 1080 p links from Premiumize are still there. But they appear below the Real Debrid as shown in the first photo above. Same goes for the 720 p links, no change.  

 Priority for Both set to 90

  priority   Finally, with both Premiumize and Real Debrid set at 90, the above photo indicates the 1080 p to the left and 720 p on the right. Can you see the difference ? You’re right, there really isn’t much.  

In Conclusion

  Yes, if you prefer to have Premiumize set to a lower number than Real Debrid, it will show those results first. However, what you decide to set first is entirely up to you. The results will still be the same no matter which is first or second. As long as the results, you the user get, make you happy that’s all that matters right.

There is no advantage that I can see. Setting the number lower than the default is the most important setting period. Please join us at the Streaming World Forum for more help and don’t forget to visit the Blog Site.