I am 5 months into my own subscription with Real Debrid and it’s the best money I have spent.  Real Debrid calls itself an “unrestricted downloader” and states you can download instantly at the best speeds available.  This is not necessary for the majority of us as we are just streaming video; which makes you probably ask why am I bringing up Real Debrid… Well the reason I bring it up is because of what it can do for your Kodi viewing pleasure.  Real Debrid has been a real lifesaver for me when it comes to finding some older shows.

You can get Real Debrid direct Real Debrid Site

Real Debrid is a service offering premium (almost private links) to your favorite Tv show and movie add-ons. Yoda, Magic Dragon, Maverick TV, Deceit are just a few add-ons that allow you to add your credentials.  The subscription will give you access to premium links to hosts. These links will help you experience less buffering and view higher quality links.  You can finally say bye-bye to the pigeons on Openload and having to pair to view streams.  Real Debrid gives you access to those blocked streams and let’s you get right in.

How do I sign up for Real Debrid?

So you have decided to go ahead and open a Real Debrid account?  Let me take a moment to walk you through what you will need to do.  The first thing will be to visit their website at http://www.real-debrid.com.  Once you are on their site you want to click sign up as you are using for the first time.  This is where you will put in your username, password, and email account information.  Real Debrid does offer some free links on off-peak times; however, at the pricing they offer it is better to sign up for the premium package.

The great part about this service is it is very cheap for what you actually receive from them.  Their maximum subscription is 180 days or 6 months and runs just around $13 and change; however, they do have several shorter packages.  The short money you spend to avoid buffering and access the high quality streams is worth the money.  You get this amazing service for six months for a week’s coffee bill.

Connecting Real Debrid & Kodi

Now that we have signed up for your Real Debrid account it is time to add our Kodi add-ons.  For this we are going to have to go one by one and find exactly which ones will take it.  The more popular add-ons will take your credentials yet we are seeing more add-ons pop up to accept Debrid Accounts.  For example, let’s take a look at Exodus.  When you go into Exodus’ configuration settings you will want to scroll down to Accounts.  This is where we can authorize our Real Debrid login as well as other accounts.

Once you click on the authorization you will be given a code and a url while on another device (or on another window) visit this url and put in the code given to you.  This will authorize the account so you are able to use the Real Debrid links immediately.  You will need to go back and do this for each individual add-on; but don’t worry because if you come across one at a later date it is simple to add.

How to choose Debrid Links

Once you have set up your add-ons you are ready to test out  your new purchase.  You will want to take a look at any of the add-ons you added your Real Debrid account to and find a Movie or Tv Show to select.  Once you find the media you want to view, select it as you normally would. Let the list of providers populate and pop up on the screen.  On most Tv Shows and Movies you will see the Real Debrid links listed first and you can select any of these.  Yet there are still some shows where the Real Debrid links will be slightly further down the list.  Once you find the link you want to use; click on it and enjoy the show.

As mentioned, what makes Real Debrid accounts attractive is they are private links open to members with accounts.  You will typically find higher quality streams in most cases, remember what your parents always told you. “You get what you pay for” and here that is true once again.  With 32 days left on my account, I can tell you I will be re-upping for another 6 months when it expires.

Should you have any questions please feel free to visit us on Ares Forum; as it is quite difficult to provide help through the comments section in the blog.