Revolve Skin

  The Revolve Skin is the next in our series of reviews. It is a concept by ransomed and was further developed with help from mKo, relyter and Malthus. The foundation (skin) developed by Hitchex and the textures from Jezz_x. The rest of team that put this skin together are just too numerous to mention here. They obviously spent a lot of time and effort into this Skin. While I did find a few different bits that are not found on others, I think they missed the mark on functionality. If you have a clean 17 install, you will have to enable unknown sources first.
  • Click Settings (cog)
  • Choose System Settings
  • Select Add-ons
  • Toggle Unknown Sources
  • A warning pop-up will appear
“Add-ons will be given access to personal data stored on this device. By allowing, you agree that you are solely responsible for any loss of data, unwanted behaviour, or damage to your device. Proceed?” This is your choice, if you wish to install 3rd Party add-ons you must agree. We strongly advise against installing headline grabbing “the best add-on ever….” etc. and use only official developers with a proven track record.  

Installing Revolve Skin

  • System.
  • Interface.
  • Skin, click to open installed Skin Menu.
  • Click Get more…..
  • Scroll down to Revolve.
  • Select to Install.
  • Select Yes when prompted “to allow this change”.
  revolve     WHOA !……….. The name Revolve is certainly appropriate. As you can see the list does revolve. This is rather difficult to get used to in the beginning, but more on this later. After selecting yes, that prompt will disappear leaving you at the Skin Folder located in Interface. Using a Remote, Mouse or Keyboard, to exit hit the Back Button, Right click or hit the ESC key to exit this Screen.    

Resolve Home Page

  revolve   The next 3 photos are the Nine (9) options available. Moving from one to the other was done via the mouse wheel, but was also done by moving the cursor either up or down. The directional arrows on a keyboard came in handy as well. Moving clockwise from top left:
  • Favorites.
  • Videos.
  • Music.
  • Pictures.
  • Programs.
  • Weather.
  • Files.
  • Settings.
  revolve   Exit is next after Settings, after selecting the above photo is what you will see. This is a great idea that will eliminate any guess work on your part. Under Suspend it reads Your System. But if you hover the cursor over Exit or Restart, it will read Your Kodi. So there should be no confusion selecting the correct Exit option. Take note of the Circled Red Arrow located in the bottom right corner. Use that icon to return to the previous page.  

File Manager

  revolve From the Home Page, select Files. You will then see the top Photo. Select Add Source and then None as indicated in the bottom photo.   revolve   With the pop up keyboard, enter the URL as indicated in the photo. Select Done when completed. Repeat when prompted to enter a Name.    

Installing from Repository

  revolve   Photo A– from the Home Page, select Manage your Settings. Scroll or Rotate down to Manage your Add-ons and click to open. Photo B– Select Install From Repository to continue.   revolve   In Photo A– the Supremacy repo was selected for this review. In Photo B– Once opened, scroll/rotate down to Video Add-ons and select to open.   revolve   Photo A– the Add-on Yoda was selected, click to open and then select Install. Photo B– shows the Add-on is in the process of installing.   revolve   In Photo A– indicates that the Add-on has been successfully installed. The Confirmation Notification can also be seen in the top left area. Not a good choice to locate this option, blends in with the rest of Add-on names and to be honest, I almost missed my chance to take this screenshot. Very confusing and frankly annoying. Photo B– Just a quick look at what Yoda looks like when opened. Yes the “ferris wheel” view is the default in all settings. More on this shortly.  

Views in Placenta

revolve   Another example to show you is from the Blamo Repo and the Placenta Add-on.     revolve   And the layout with the Default View showing Placenta after being opened.      

View Options in Revolve Skin

  revolve   I don’t know where to begin when it comes to Views. Confusing is one word that best describes what I encountered during this review. To Open the View Option Window, move the Cursor to the far Left or use the Left Directional Key if using a keyboard. The Above set of Photos were taken while in My Add-ons/Video Add-ons. Clockwise from top left:
  • Revolve List. This is the default view found thru out the Skin. To advance to the next view, click on the highlighted area.
  • Panel List. A much better look and it doesn’t rotate around.
  • Rotate List. Same as the Default Revolve view, but it’s on the opposite side. (i really need to get off this carnival ride)
  • Circle List. Same as default but using a smaller text.
  revolve   The last two (2) of the Six (6) views are:
  • Drop List. To hard to find what you are looking for, easily passed by when searching.
  • Thumbnail List. While thumbnails are appropriate in some areas, this isn’t one of them.
  revolve These next group of examples are the Views available while inside an Add-on. In this case, Placenta was selected. Moving Clockwise from top left:
  • Thumbnail List. Same as the previous photo, Thumbnail Views just don’t work here.
  • Drop List. To easy to go past the option you want. Frustrating.
  • Landscape List. Nice, still using Thumbnails but now we get to Rotate across the bottom.
  • Gallery List. Just an enlarged version of Landscape.
  revolve   Top Photo is Banner List View, and the Bottom is Circle List View. Sorry I forgot to make sure the View List stayed opened when I took this.   revolve   Due to selecting Most Popular in Movies, the above example is what you will experience after opening. In addition, since the View Options are the same as previously shown, I selected Panel List. The Location to access this List is at the very Top as shown in Photo A. Move the cursor to “Top Menu” to open as indicated in the lower Photo.   revolve   This View is Panel List. It is an example of what you can see after opening In the lower Photo I selected The Commuter as the Movie File to be used in Player Settings.    

Player Settings

    revolve   Top Photo is the Player Codec info. Selecting the O key will bring this information page up. Hit the O key again to remove. Not a fan of this look, a transparent version would have been preferable. But that is just my opinion. For more information on Codec and H.264/H.265, click Here and Here. The Bottom Photo is the Subtitle Download icon. Once selected, the Movie File will pause. A search will begin, select the one which most closely matches you file. After selecting, the movie file will resume play with Subtitles enabled. You must have a Subtitle Service Enabled in Kodi prior to commencing. Click Here to find out how please.   revolve  
  • Audio & Subtitle Settings are shown in the Top Photo.
  • Video Settings in the Bottom Photo.
  • Nothing out of ordinary here, once happy with the settings, to exit click Close.
  revolve And Finally:
  • Bookmark, select this Icon if for any reason you have to leave but wish to view at a later time. Select Create Bookmark and it will be available from that point when ready to view.

In Conclusion

  I’ll be blunt here. This skin is not my cup of tea. I wanted to remove the skin 2 minutes into researching for this review. The Dev Team did some great work and hit the spot with a few options not seen in other Skins. But in my Opinion (yours may very, so please try it out) this is one of the most confusing Skins I have encountered. Easily lost, difficult to read. I think the biggest issue is the “Revolve” bit to access the folders. Views Options were basically the same with a new name or access was flipped from left to right. I think this is a Classic case of too many Cooks in The Kitchen. It’s just too “busy”. But all of this is what I observed when creating this review. You may have a different view than I do. Please give it a try and stop by The Streaming World Forum and let us know what you think. Good, bad or otherwise.